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New Petya Ransomware Strikes Around the Globe

New Petya Ransomware Makes Disruptive Debut Spanning back to the early 1990s and making a brief reappearance in early 2016, a variant of Petya (also called Petrwrap) Ransomware has resurfaced once again, this time referred to as Petya A or NonPetya.  As far as what is already known about the recent attack which hit companies, public health care and governments organizations, as well as airports in the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, …Read More

Kroll Ontrack Helps to Eliminate Funding for Ransomware Criminals

Kroll Ontrack helps to eliminate funding for Ransomware criminals.  Kroll Ontrack has developed a set of solutions to restore corporate data fast and eliminate payments in the event of a Ransomware attack. Ransomware is a lucrative crime Payments to Ransomware criminals are expected to reach over one billion dollars in 2017. New attacks are being reported daily and they are not expected to decline anytime in the near future. Anyone …Read More

Ransomware – Will it Stay or Will it Go?

Since 2010, there has been an increase of reported attacks from blackmail viruses.  The spread of the Locky in February 2016, represented an unprecedented rise of ransomware. In April 2016, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) conducted a survey of nearly 600 companies.  The results showed that 32 percent, or one third of companies, were affected by ransomware.  In 82 percent of all cases, email was the gateway …Read More

Anatomy of a Ransomware Attack

2016 was the year of blackmail ransomware.  Data is encrypted by smuggling malicious programs into the infected system and making them useless.  Only after payment of “ransom” money the data is usable again. This kind of blackmail is not new.  Back in 1989, the Trojan “AIDS.exe” was able to hide files and by this way making them unusable.  However, the program changed only the file names while the contents remained …Read More

Can data recovery experts help when struck by ransomware?

Ransomware is one of the hottest topics in IT, data and internet security and it has gained momentum over the last several months. Now more users – in the comfort of their homes and companies alike – are targeted than ever before. The question is, when a computer is infected, is there a chance for regaining the precious data without paying the ransom.  Can the user or the company’s IT …Read More

First Ransomware attack targeting Mac OS X

There has been a long-standing rumor that Macs are immune to viruses and now, someone has proven Macs can be infected. The word is out in CNET’s article: “Apple users beware: First live ransomware targeting Macs found ‘in the wild”. What does this mean for Apple users? Has something changed within the Mac OS X and do they need to do anything different? Rumors To answer these questions, let’s start …Read More

Computer Virus Information

The following are our Technical Support staff’s list of the most frequently asked anti-virus questions and their answers. Q: How can I protect myself from getting a virus? In today’s world having anti-virus software is not optional.  A good anti-virus program will perform real-time and on-demand virus checks on your system, and warn you if it detects a virus.  The program should also provide a way for you to update …Read More