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Why Preventing Virtualization Sprawl Matters

Virtualization is not only for early-adopters or IT geeks anymore. The technology has found its place in almost every IT department and data center, but the advantages of the technology – fast and almost immediate server deployment, increased server uptime, and isolated applications – also has its disadvantages. One of them being virtualization sprawl . Since creating and running a virtual machine (VM) or virtual servers is very easy and …Read More

How to Best Protect your Virtual Environments from Data Loss

After more than a decade since the release of virtual environments, a new study by Gartner states that the virtualization market is now mature. What the experts found is that even though the worldwide virtualization market has yet again increased by almost 6 percent to reach $5.6 billion USD, they do not expect large gains in the future. What they found is majority of large companies have already virtualized their …Read More