Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ediscovery.com Pulse: Smarter ediscovery technology may be overcoming the Big Data avalanche

Data from new online destination for ediscovery metrics and insights shows produced gigabytes per ediscovery project is declining despite an explosion of email and other electronic documents

MINNEAPOLIS – Nov. 19, 2013 – Despite the Big Data explosion, sophisticated electronic discovery tools are more than keeping up with the challenge of helping lawyers pinpoint responsive data, according to metrics released today by Kroll Ontrack.

According to the company’s new ediscovery.com Pulse Benchmarks, the average number of source gigabytes per ediscovery project has declined by nearly 50 GB since 2008 due to the use of more intelligent software for selecting what is collected for ediscovery processing and review. Additionally, the average number of gigabytes produced per project dropped nearly 70 GBs from 2008 to 2012.

These statistics are based on an aggregation and normalization of data from thousands of Kroll Ontrack-handled matters over the five-year span.

“This trend reveals the increasing precision of ediscovery technology in identifying and winnowing down relevant data, even as legal professionals continue to combat the explosion of Big Data,” said Dave Alampi, senior vice president, marketing and product management.

Ediscovery.com Pulse is a new online destination for ediscovery metrics and insights. Kroll Ontrack has benchmark data dating back to 2008, including metrics from thousands of ediscovery projects that show key trends to help practitioners better plan and executive their own projects.The insights provided by ediscovery.com Pulse Benchmarks do not come at the expense of divulging client-specific data, but instead reveal never-before published information about ediscovery project trends over time.

In addition to a lower number of source and produced gigabytes per project, initial benchmarks revealed the following trends:

Average Review and Produced Pages: While Pulse trends suggest that the total number of gigabytes collected, processed, reviewed and produced is decreasing, the ratio of pages reviewed to pages produced remains approximately one to four. In other words, only 25 percent of the pages loaded for review are then produced during the ediscovery process.

Average Number of Custodians: The number of custodians collected per project in 2012 was half the number of custodians collected in 2008. This number is going down as pre-filtering techniques are applied and tools are able to more-efficiently filter non-responsive data.

Percentage of Data that is Email: Despite an increase in the number of sources of electronically stored information, email remains the dominant ediscovery data type. In fact, about 65 percent of the data processed is email – up from approximately 50 percent in 2008.

In addition to the ediscovery.com Pulse Benchmarks, ediscovery.com Pulse features industry relevant articles and blogs, case law summaries, an interactive ediscovery rules and statutes map, real-time polls and a social feed. To view ediscovery.com Pulse in its entirety, visit: http://www.ediscovery.com/pulse/. New ediscovery.com Pulse  Benchmarks and features will be released periodically by Kroll Ontrack. Follow the Kroll Ontrack blog for alerts when new Pulse information becomes available.

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